StopTech is a leading manufacturer of high-performance brake pads and other components. When you drive fast, you also need to stop fast: the difference between a tragedy and a near miss is measured in seconds of stopping time.

OEM brakes work perfectly well for a stock car. They are especially good for general daily driving, but what happens when you upgrade your car or want to get onto the track now and then?

StopTech High-Performance Brake Pads

StopTech brakes are designed to replace and be an upgrade to stock brake pads. Since the company’s inception in 1999, the design team has always had a focus on racing and performance vehicles because on the track, nothing else but flawless performance matters.

When your car’s original brake pads wear out and you want to upgrade their performance, StopTech is the wise choice that provides exceptional braking power, smooth quiet performance, and consistent performance in hot, cold, and even wet environments.

That combination of features is hard to use on any other set of brakes without getting into exclusive race track systems, but here’s the kicker: StopTrek is purposely designed for daily driving. That’s right, whether you want to go cross county, empower your car for the strenuous start-and-stop urban environment, StopTech is right for you.

StopTech Slotted Brake Rotors

When you need to replace more than just the brake pads, Stop Tech has got you with high-performance rotors. The whole system offers a unique improved balanced brake upgrade without disturbing your vehicle’s weight transfer ratio while braking and ensuring better control.

These rotors are slotted and drilled to ensure better cooling under heavy braking, which significantly reduces warping. The grooves also help to maintain a smooth surface on the pads to reduce glazing. These holes also draw out gases and dust produced in the process which contributes to even braking, less wear, and an overall smooth consistent braking experience.

Easy to Buy, Easy to Install

For such a great combination of performance and ruggedness, StopTech brakes are surprisingly affordable. The cost-to-value ratio is even better than most OEM brakes in the market. With a commitment to affordable and functional stopping systems, the company fulfils its obligation to you as the end-user admirably.

These brakes are also super easy to install. Just like OEM replacement brakes, they don’t require any special modifications to install. They are made to be an exact fit provided you get the right model, and will even match your OEM rear brakes without causing an undue imbalance. This is possible because the brakes are pre-matched in the factory to remove the need for mix-and-match guesswork.

Order StopTech Online in Australia

StopTech braking systems are ideal for the prudent who wants their car to be at its best when out on the tarmac. They are so easy to fit that you can do it at home. All you need to do is order StopTech brake pads or brake rotors here at CarMods Australia and let us deliver them to your doorstep.

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