KW Automotive GmbH has been manufacturing high-performance coilover suspensions for racing cars for decades. The German company is respected globally for its prowess in fine car tuning and refinement and has partnered with several pro racing teams such as Mercedes AMG to provide their racing suspensions.

When it comes to top performance in suspension, KW does it best. It even set up a hydraulic 7-post drive testing facility in Fichtenberg, Germany. This facility works by simulating different race track conditions to help in detailed testing, research, and development of the world’s most advanced suspension systems.

KW Variant 1

As a performance-oriented manufacturer and supplier of coilover suspensions, KW offers its products in three different variants optimised to achieve different goals. The KW Variant 1 is ideal for street performance with the added distinction of allowing the user to lower or raise their vehicle depending on driving conditions. 

Made of galvanised high-strength steel, the KW Variant 1 is customised for superior dampening, ride comfort, and long-life components. It also offers various adjustment options available, making the KW Variant 1 a superb option for all street drivers looking to upgrade their stock suspension and experience improved handling and ride comfort.

KW Variant 2 

This one is for experienced drivers who like to do more than routine driving. If you like to hit the triple digits often and require fine handling capabilities, the KW Variant 2 is for you. 

The Variant 2 system utilises superior damping technology for improved rebound performance, individual height adjustment, and even more high-quality components for reliability and long life. The technology used allows you to individually adjust the height and behaviour of the suspension to tweak the pitch and roll of your car to suit various driving conditions.

KW Variant 3

A vastly superior system for high-performance applications, the KW Variant 3 is suited to high-speed driving on the track and on the highway. For the professional driver who wants to be able to fine-tune every aspect of his car’s performance, the KW Variant 3 is the number one option.

Among its unique features, you have the ability to individually customise the rebound and compression technology. You can also vary the working force adjustment of each spring individually, ensuring that you always get top performance every time you are on the track.

KW Clubsport

Designed for exclusive track driving needs, the KW Clubsport series is for discerning pro drivers who need top performance springs that they can adjust for various capabilities. The suspension geometry is adjustable to suit various cars, tyres, type of road, and ride comfort desired. 

You can also adjust the ride height individually for each spring, dampers for compression, and rebound force. They are made of stainless steel inox-line for durability and feature unique race mounts.

Top Performance KW Coilovers Australia

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