The Project Kics specializes in the manufacture of high performance wheel accessories like wheel spacers, lug nuts, magnetic locking wheel nuts, valve caps, hub centric rings, hub units, and more.


The Projects KICS brand is owned by the KYO-EI industrial corporation, which has spared no expense in the design and manufacture of Project KICS products. Project Kics products are designed to meet the highest racing/motorsport standards of precision and strength. Their ISO, NAPAC (Nippon Auto Parts Aftermarket Committee) and JAB (Japan Accreditation Board) certifications are proof of this.  




Lug Nuts

The Project Kics lug nuts come in a wide variety of design and options, e.g. open end nuts, closed end nuts, short/long nuts, rotating taper nuts, 7-sided nuts, and many more. They are made from hardened premium alloys like Cold Forged Chrome Vanadium metal, and they are available in an array of colors, e.g. Titanium, Pink, Burned Blue, Chrome Neon, Blue, Red, and Black.


Lock Nuts 

Project Kics also offers a variety of lock nut options. Each set of lug nuts comes with a special locking key adapter that enables you to install or remove the lug nuts. They are also made from hardened alloys like Cold Forged Chrome Vanadium metal.


Wide Tread Wheel Spacers

The Project Kics Wide Tread Wheel Spacer units are ideal for when you want to give your car a wider stance, to make it look sportier or more aggressive. These spacers push the wheels outwards from the hub. They are available in different configurations, and they also come with matching adapters and wheel nuts.


Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

The Project Kics magnetic oil drain plugs are made from a proven aluminum alloy for guaranteed durability. They have magnetic centers that pull metallic fragments and debris from the oil.


Valve Caps

You are assured of no leaks and a perfect fit with the Project Kics Leggdura Racing Valve Caps. They are ideal for when you want to match your valve caps with your wheel nuts. They are available in a variety of designs and colors.  


Hub Centric Rings

The Project Kics Hub Centric Rings help to ensure that the Project Kics wheel spacers fit perfectly and accurately. They are made from CNC billet aluminum to ensure superior durability. They come in sets of two.



Leggdura Racing Bolts 

The Project Kics Leggdura Racing Bolts are made from hardened SCM435 alloy steel, so they’ll withstand the taxing demands of professional racing. They also feature 19 HEX Aluminum shells for excellent corrosion resistance. They also come in a variety of colors, e.g. red, blue, gold, and black.


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