Hyperflow Exhaust

Hyperflow Exhaust is one of the most recognized aftermarket performance product manufacturers in the Australian and North-American performance car industries.

It has a solid reputation for developing innovative and highly effective performance parts for the Mitsubishi EVO 4-X, the Subaru WRX, STI and Forester, and the BRZ/86. Hyperflow Exhaust’s line of exhaust systems includes header-back, turbo-back, and cat-back exhaust systems that may be catted (with high flow catalytic converters) or cat-free (race-spec exhausts that don’t have a catalytic converter). Hyperflow Exhaust also manufactures top/front-mount intercooler kits and short ram/cold air intakes.


Exhaust Systems

Hyperflow Exhaust offers custom-built catted or cat-free exhaust systems. They are made from true high performance stainless steel for enhanced durability. Thanks to their stouter nature and their smoother turns, they facilitate way higher flows of exhaust gases compared to stock exhaust setups. Hyperflow Exhaust also offers various exhaust system components separately that may include exhaust manifolds, resonators, catalytic converters, mufflers, front pipes, up pipes, mid pipes, down pipes, and tailpipes.

Top-mount/Front-mount Intercooler Kits

The Hyperflow Intercooler kits are designed to deliver increased airflow for enhanced cooling. Some of these kits deliver over 3 times the IC core volume that factory/stock intercooler kits deliver. These Hyperflow Intercooler kits also feature larger bar and plate cores that are less restrictive than factory cores so they facilitate quicker and more effective cooling. The Hyperflow Intercooler kits may also include intercooler piping kits, 4-ply silicone couplers, replacement silicone Y pieces, stainless steel T-bolt clamps, replacement radiator overflow bottles, and other accessories.

Short Ram/Cold Air Intakes

The Hyperflow short ram intakes come with thicker piping and high-flow air filters, so they guarantee increased air flow into the engine for enhanced performance. They also include durable billet aluminum MAF adapters that do not alter the settings of stock mass air flow sensors. The Hyperflow cold air intakes also come with high-flow air filters and stout, polished, mandrel-bent aluminum piping that allows smooth, easier air flow, and they also include expertly-machined mass air flow housings that ensure the preservation of the stock sensor calibration.

Car Mods Australia (CMA) offers all these Hyperflow Exhaust products in all their different options, so grab one today for your vehicle. We do our best to keep our inventory up to date with Hyperflow Exhaust products, adding more products as they are released by Hyperflow Exhaust. If you need helping choosing Hyperflow Exhaust products for your vehicle, call us at (07) 5649 8778. 

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