Hawk Performance

Hawk Performance has been manufacturing performance braking products for both street cars and race cars for over 25 years.

It is owned by Wellman products Group – a company that’s renowned the world over for its high-quality severe-duty friction products. Hawk Performance has enjoyed great success in the performance braking products industry thanks to the fact that it leverages technology used in airlines and in the military when making its brake pads and rotors. Also, Hawk Performance has invested in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for brake product development; one that has a fully-fledged research and development department with 23 dynamometers. 

After many years of extensive development and testing, Hawk Performance is now offering the latest version of its highly effective HP+ braking compound that delivers impressive street and track versatility. It wears much slower than most other brake pad and rotor compounds, and it also delivers quieter and firmer braking. 




Street Brake Pads

The Hawk Performance Street brake pads are ideal for people who want to upgrade the performance and braking capabilities of their daily drivers or street-going sports cars. Compared to factory/OEM braking pads, the Hawk Performance Street brake pads deliver stronger, firmer stopping power with less noise. They come in different grades, which include HPS brake pads, HPS 5.0 brake pads, LTS brake pads, Super Duty brake pads, and Ceramic Performance brake pads. Hawk Performance also offers a segment-exclusive HP520 brake fluid.


Talon Rotors 

The Hawk Performance Talon Rotors are made from G3000 grey cast iron for superior strength and durability, and they have been balanced with precision milled, CNC programmed slots to reduce harmonic resonance. They have also been sprayed with a Magni™ coating barrier for superior corrosion resistance, and they have also undergone extensive dynamometer testing. The Hawk Performance Talon Rotors are available in three options: Talon (high performance street rotors), Talon Plus (sports car and motorsports rotors), and Talon Super Duty (heavy-duty truck rotors). 


Motorsports Brake Pads

The Hawk Performance motorsports brake pads are designed for all forms of competitive racing, from rally and off-road racing to autocross and circuit racing. They are designed to help you shave a few seconds off every lap or every corner. Their braking compounds actually deliver greater stopping power with higher friction levels. Hawk Performance motorsports brake pads come in different grades, namely the DTC 30, HT 10, DTC 50, DTC 60, DTC 70, DTC 80, and HP PLUS. 


DTC Rotors

The Hawk Performance DTC directional rotors are designed to complement Hawk Performance DTC brake pads. They are purposefully designed for racing or motorsport applications. They offer a superior initial bite, exceptional heat resistance, efficient cooling, and exceptional wear and thermal crack resistance. 


Motorcycle Brake Pads

The Hawk Performance Motorcycle brake pads provide optimal stopping power for both street bikes and high-performance racing bikes. They are available two grades: Non-Asbestos Organic brake pads which maximize rider comfort with their progressive brake modulation, and Sintered Metallic brake pads which deliver superior, fade-free stopping power with smooth, progressive engagement. 

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