Cometic Gasket Inc. is a global leader in manufacturing engine gaskets and an active supporter of racing teams in the GNCC, AMA, and Nascar®. This family-owned, all-American gasket manufacturer has dominated the global OEM and aftermarket engine-sealing-solutions markets for over three decades and currently serves the Powersports, Marine, V-twin, and automotive industries.

The company was founded in 1989 by four enterprising industrialists, one of whom is its current CEO - Bob Gorman. The company's initial focus was developing products for the Powersports industry, i.e., gaskets for motorcycles, snowmobiles, or UTV/ATVs. With time, the Gorman family acquired full ownership of Cometic Gasket Inc. and added products that serve other industries. Today, Cometic Gasket operates from a 70,000 square-foot, advanced manufacturing center in Concord, Ohio, complete with a research and department wing. It currently produces over 85,000 engine sealing products shipped to many countries around the world.    

Cometic Gasket has an unwavering commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction. It holds faithful to its elaborate research and development process for each product and undertakes comprehensive testing procedures to guarantee their reliability and durability.



The Cometic gaskets Australia are available in several categories, some of which include:


Cometic offers a range of gasket kits designed to seal the irregular surfaces of various engine air intake systems. They include air cleaner mounting gaskets and stud kits.



Cometic's range of camshaft sealing solutions guarantees leak-free camshaft operation. They include camshaft change gasket sets, camshaft retainer gaskets, camshaft seal kits, camshaft housing gaskets, engine camshaft o-rings, and many more. They are also made from high-quality, durable materials.



The folks at Cometic fully understand the inner workings of carburetor engines and have made gaskets and sealing solutions purposefully designed for such engines. They include carburetor mounting gaskets, carburetor float-bowl cover gaskets, carburetor metering block gaskets, carburetor stud kits, and more. 



Fix your car's oil pump leaks with Cometic's range of oil system sealing solutions. They include engine oil cooler o-rings, engine oil-pressure switch seals, engine oil dipstick o-rings, oil cooler gasket, oil cooler mounting kits, oil drain plug gaskets, oil filter adapter gaskets, oil pan gasket kits, oil-pressure relief valve gaskets, oil pump seals, and many more.



Transmission system leaks can quickly escalate to full transmission system rebuilds or replacements if not addressed quickly. Cometic's range of transmission system sealing solutions will help stop such leaks. They include auto-transmission flexplate mounting bolts, auto-transmission torque-converter bolts, manual-transmission bearing-cover gaskets, manual-transmission case/cover gaskets, manual-transmission clutch-housing gaskets, manual-transmission oil-filter tube seals, manual-transmission top gaskets, and many more.    


Cometic Australia also manufactures intake manifold gaskets, ignition system seals, fuel injection systems gaskets, timing cover seals/gaskets, valley pan/cover gaskets, water pump seals, and many more. These gaskets and seals are made using fiber/metal laminates, coated steel/ stainless steel/aluminum, multi-layered steel (for the Cometic head gaskets), or alloys of copper, aluminum, and stainless steel.

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