Circo brake pads

CIRCO Brake Pads are designed for both street and competition use. They are 100% manufactured by top Japanese Brake parts manufacturer Winmax Corp, so their quality is guaranteed.

They are widely used by racing teams in competitions like Nascar, International GT3, WRC, Japanese GT, Sportscar, V8 Supercar, and many more.



The CIRCO SC17 brake pads are designed for enhanced street performance. They are made from a ceramic based formulation that sharpens braking performance while also preserving driving comfort, so they can be comfortably used on your daily driver cars. These pads are also fashioned to produce ultra-low noise and dust levels. They are also designed to remain quite stable even at subzero temperatures, and they continue to deliver solid stopping power even at temperatures of over 490 degrees Celsius. Their dynamic friction coefficient "μ" ranges from 0.32 to 0.35.



The carbon metallic CIRCO M111 brake pads are designed for low-level racing applications. They work best on circuit racing cars that are fitted with brake boosters. Made from a carbon metallic compound, they are tougher SC17 brakes and can handle moderate and consistent friction levels. They can handle high temperatures of up to 780 degrees Celsius and their friction coefficient "μ" ranges from 0.31 to 0.49.



The CIRCO M119 racing brake pads are purposely designed to handle the intense demands of professional endurance racing, i.e.  for gravel or tarmac rally use.  However, they can also be used in circuit racing that does not require a lot of intense braking, e.g. races that have long road stretches and rounded corners. Their dynamic friction coefficient "μ" ranges from 0.48 to 0.51, and they can handle friction temperatures of up to 800 degrees Celsius.



The CIRCO M127 racing brake pads are mid-level circuit racing pads that are used by both enthusiasts and professional racers. They have a higher temperature threshold of 850 degrees Celsius so they can withstand high friction levels. They also deliver brilliant release characteristics. The M127 is all metallic, and its dynamic friction coefficient "μ" ranges from 0.45 to 0.55.



The CIRCO M207 pads are heavy-duty racing brake pads, designed to handle the highest levels of professional circuit racing. With an even higher temperature threshold of 920 degrees Celsius, these pads remain extremely stable in high friction braking. They offer the best modulation for driver control. They are ideal for professional and endurance racing.


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