Without a doubt, Carrillo pistons and rods are worth considering if you are looking for durable yet efficient aftermarket internal engine components. They are developed by CP-Carrillo, which is based in California, USA. CP-Carrillo was formed when CP Pistons and Carrillo Industries merged into one entity with two brands in 2010.


Carrillo Industries owes its existence to its Fred Carrillo. Fred, a legendary hot-rodder and racer who even made attempts at breaking the land speed record of his time, decided to channel his passion for motorsports into developing modding solutions for hot-rodders like himself in 1963. Heeding the advice of his hotrod buddies, Fred chose to focus developing high-grade connecting rods initially. From the start, he had an obsession with perfection and a desire to deliver products that were a cut above the rest. This is seen in the fact that Carrillo Industries purposefully made H-beam-design 4340-steel connecting rods, which were stronger and superior in design to the 4130-steel aftermarket connecting rods that its competitors were making then.

That dedication to product quality and value has remained one of the core values of the Carrillo brand through the years. CP Carrillo undertakes extensive research and development procedures when developing all its products and uses the latest manufacturing technologies and premium-quality materials.




With the understanding that pistons play a pivotal role in the efficiency of a racing engine, Carrillo has developed its range of pistons after collecting industry data, analyzing the competition, and establishing the needs of aftermarket race-engine piston buyers. CP-Carrillo develops performance pistons for several vehicle types, i.e., snowmobiles, ATVs/UTVs, NHRA/IHRA race cars, gasoline/diesel vehicles, street bikes, and V-twin motorcycles. The CP-Carrillo pistons have optimized cam and barrel profiles that deliver tighter clearances, less noise, better ring seals, more power, and enhanced durability. You can also have them with anti-detonation grooves, plug reliefs, fire slots, accumulation grooves, clip cuts, slant cuts, double pin oilers, plunge pockets, and tulip pockets. Upon order, you can also customize these pistons to your needs.



Because the company has been making connecting rods longer than any other product, it has acquired a lot of experience and expertise in developing these parts. Carrillo connecting rods have lightweight rod designs ideal for high-engine-speed and limited-cylinder pressure applications. You can also have them with lipped caps, lipped cap reliefs, tapered pin ends, PE/BE lapped finishes, arc grooves, force-feed oiling, BE oil squirters, dowel pins, radius/square slots, and many other features. These rods are also available in both steel and aluminum alloy blends.



Carrillo also manufactures the hardware with which pistons and connecting rods work within an engine. They include rails, pins, pin buttons, rings, locks, bearings, bushings, and fasteners. They are all designed using the same high-performance exacting tolerances used on the Carrillo pistons and connecting rods.

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