AVO Turboworld

AVO Turboworld is widely regarded as a leader in the manufacture of high-performance turbocharger systems. This company has been building, designing, and installing custom turbo kits for over 35 years, 20 of which have been dedicated to Subaru turbocharged performance tuning.

When making these turbo kits, AVO focuses on achieving maximum efficiency as opposed to facilitating the production of maximum output. This keeps the operating temperatures of the engine and the turbo kit within reasonable limits, and it also ensures long term reliability. All AVO turbo kits are designed with the same dimensions as stock/OEM turbo kits, and so they directly replace stock turbo kits without the need to modify any of the fittings and connections in your car. In addition to turbo kits, AVO Turboworld also manufactures various mods that compliment these turbo kits e.g. air intake systems, intercooler systems, exhaust systems, and fuel systems.   


AVO Turbocharger Systems

AVO Turboworld offers ball-bearing turbochargers that are built from the ground up to improve on the performance, response, and reliability of stock/OEM turbochargers. They feature larger internal wastegates and their turbine housings allow maximum flow. These turbochargers also include an adjustable 15psi solid boost actuator that facilitates better boost response while enabling the engine to maintain boost levels at higher RPMs. These turbo kits also come with stainless steel oil and water fittings.    


AVO Air Intake Systems

AVO Turboworld Air Intake Systems are recommended for when you want to crank the output of your Subaru engine to over 330 horsepower. They are designed to enable the engine to breathe better, and they are designed to work with the stock MAF sensor. The filters in these air intakes have special cotton elements that are washable and fully re-usable. These air intake systems also come with AVO's kevlar-reinforced silicone intake pipes that are quite durable and that improve air flow thanks to their smoother bends and wider-than-stock diameters.


AVO Intercooler Systems

The AVO Intercoolers are larger than stock intercoolers, and so they facilitate much greater air flow (up to 40% more) from the turbochargers to the engine, resulting in increased horsepower. The AVO Intercoolers also comprise of both top-mount and front-mount intercoolers.  They may have either tub and fin or bar and plate cores. These intercoolers are also designed to work perfectly with stock mounting points and stock turbo piping.


AVO Exhaust Systems

The AVO exhaust systems made from CNC mandrel-bent TIG-welded stainless steel, and are designed with rounder turns to facilitate the straightest flow possible. They are built to handle much higher temperatures and so they are great for cars with upgraded powertrains. All AVO downpipes come with an AVO cast iron outlet, and they also include an adapter and all the necessary bolts, studs, and gaskets.


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