KINUGAWA is a Taiwanese company that believes that turbochargers are the energy-saving and environmental-friendly engine application for the future. With such a huge demand in the future, it generates a great opportunity and market for us, since the entry barrier is extremely high. There are only a few companies which are able to provide rebuild or upgrade service in the world.  Kinugawa designed, developed and manufacture the turbo system found on the Hyundai Genesis. If you are looking for a well-price quality turbo, check out the full range below.

Kinugawa literally translates to ‘give the devil a rod of iron’ meaning, making a strong thing even better. That is the mission of Kinugawa, a Taiwanese company that has been producing performance turbochargers and turbo parts for all types of cars.

Supercharge Your Car

Why would you add a turbo to your car? The answer lies in how the engine burns fuel. A non-turbocharged engine, also called a naturally-aspirated engine or NASP, takes in air through a valve for a limited time before the fuel/air mixture is burned.

One way to get more power from your fuel is to improve the combustion. More air means more oxygen, better combustion, and more power. There are many more dynamics involved in this, but the basic idea is to draw more energy and make the car more efficient.

So, what does a turbo do? A turbo increases the fuel/air mixture and compresses it so that more of it is let into the engine to achieve more power. Of course, a lot of calculations go into this, because you don’t want your engine to explode.

More Power So That You Can Fly

A turbo-boosts your engine’s output so much that a 1.4 litre engine can give as much BHP as some NASP V6s, all the while being much lighter and (usually) more fuel-efficient. A finely-tuned car with the right turbo can get even 2 or 3 times more power.

Turbocharging your car is the best way to achieve maximum performance out of your engine. It vastly improves the efficiency of the engine. 

A NASP car usually achieves about 60% of its potential, while a highly tuned one car gets you about 80%. With a turbo, you get multiples of that figure. If you have always dreamed of more power, speed, and acceleration, then get your car a Kinugawa Turbo.

How to Turbocharge Your Car

You can turbocharge any car. Even traditionally ‘vanilla’ cars such as Honda Civics are game for a turbo if you install it right. It easily gives you 50bhp more power, with only minimal changes and space requirements.

However, you do have to think about a couple of things. First, modern cars are designed for optimum compression of the fuel/air mixture to achieve maximum efficiency. Some have compression ratios of 9:1 or more. 

Since a turbo pre-compresses the mixture, you can exceed the engine threshold. A common way of balancing is to use a turbo with a low boost or reducing the compression ratio in various ways. Installing turbo also affects intake and exhaust dynamics.

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