Project Mu

Since 1988, Project Mu has been designing and developing premium, high-performance braking solutions for different applications, from street driving to professional racing.

The company’s specialization in high-performance braking solutions has paid dividends over the years due to the fact that it has gained a great deal of experience and expertise in this sector. For this reason, Project Mu products remain a top pick for car enthusiasts and racers around the world. For years, racing teams in NASCAR, ATCM, D1 Drifting, WTCC, WTA, and even WRC have used Project Mu braking products on their race cars with outstanding results. 


The Project Mu braking products are manufactured using highly advanced machinery, using the highest quality materials, and with the help of proven design processes. Thanks to the above, Project Mu guarantees braking products of superior all-round quality. 




                                        Project Mu Brake Pads: 

NS-EP (NS400):         These OEM Replacement brake pads are ideal for street use. Their materials and build quality are superior to those of OEM brake pads. As a result, they deliver improved initial stopping power and reduced dust and wear.  


NS:                              These street performance brake pads are designed to deliver strong braking performance in any weather or road conditions. They offer an improved initial bite and deliver a consistent braking feel, even at high speeds. 


HC-EP (HC800):        The HC-EP (HC800) street performance brake pads can be used both for street driving and track-day driving. They feature stronger friction materials, and so they offer an even better initial bite with improved fade resistance. 


HC+:                           The HC+ high-performance brakes pads are made for racing and competition applications, e.g. circuit racing, autocross, and rally. They deliver superior braking control with excellent fading resistance. 


RC-09:                        Crank your performance up a notch with the RC-09 high performance brake pads. They offer even greater performance in high-level racing and competition. 


D1 SPEC:                   These are designed specifically for high-performance drifting applications. These rear-wheel-specific brake pads have high friction surfaces that make it easy to lock the rear wheels. 



Project Mu Brake Rotors:

CRD:                           The Project Mu 1-piece CRD brake rotors are made from heat-treated cast iron and have 8 directional straight slots. They make great OEM brake rotor upgrades, and are ideal for street driving. 


SCR:                           The SCR rotors are ideal for enthusiasts who want better street performance and who also like to track their cars occasionally. They are made from carbon and cast iron alloys. 


SCR Pure Plus 6:        The SCR Pure Plus 6 rotors are made from heat-treated cast iron and have six curved slots. They deliver improved street driving performance, so they make ideal OEM replacement parts. 


SCR Pro:                     The 2-piece SCR Pro brake rotors are made from a highly durable Carbon and Iron alloy. They are designed for rally, drift, or road racing applications.     


SCR GT:                     The 2-piece SCR GT brake rotors are also ideal for rally, drift, or road racing applications. They have a floating billet hat that enables the rotor to move independently of the hub. 

Project Mu Forged Caliper Kits:


The Forged Caliper kits offer the different Project Mu brake products in comprehensive yet affordable packages. They include caliper bodies, brake pads, 2-piece brake rotors, brake pad support springs, Teflon brake lines, and aluminum brackets. The Project Mu calipers (kits) include 4 Piston x 4 Pad Caliper Kits, 4 Piston x 4 Pad Slim Caliper Kits, 4 Piston Slim Caliper kits, 4 Piston Mini Caliper kits, and 4 Piston x 4 Pad Drift Rear Caliper kits. 


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