MBRP Performance Exhaust

Are you looking for performance exhausts that offer more value and build quality? Then you ought to try MBRP Inc.’s selection of products. MBRP was birthed out of the desire to make performance exhaust systems that deliver superior levels of performance, aesthetics, fuel economy, and of course, exhaust notes.

Martin Barkey grew up seeing his father build custom exhausts the right way, and with time, he also learned the family craft. Having seen the full potential of well-built exhaust systems first-hand, Martin saw a need in the market for such products. He and his wife Ginger then took the plunge in 1996 and founded MBRP, which operated out of their garage for some time.

At the start, MBRP primarily made performance exhaust systems for snowmobiles, but with time, it has expanded its range of products to include performance exhausts for cars, trucks, and dirt/off-road buggies.

MBRP makes premium yet affordable aftermarket exhaust systems that reliably deliver exhilarating sounds and strong performance in the most extreme performance car applications. Its exhaust systems are available in three main profiles:

Tour Profile:               These exhaust systems add a performance exhaust note without being

excessively loud. They will make your car seem way more powerful than it is.

Street Profile:              These systems make quite a statement on the streets and are also great for track days. They offer better performance and more aggressive exhaust notes.

Race Profile:               The exhaust systems provide the most significant horsepower gains and

                                    deliver the most deafening exhaust notes. 



Armor Lite Series Exhausts

The MBRP Armor Lite Series exhausts are MBRP’s entry-level exhaust kit. They are made using aluminized steel (basically steel with an aluminum alloy coating that prevents rust). They come with a three-year warranty and offer good durability, depending on the application.


Armor Plus Series Exhausts

The MBRP Armor Plus Series exhausts were previously called the MBRP XP Series exhausts. They are made from T409 stainless steel, so they offer a higher level of durability. They even come with a lifetime warranty. Worth noting, however, is that because T409 stainless steel contains a significant amount of ferrous content, these exhausts may start to show traces of rust on their surfaces over time. 


Armor Pro Series Exhausts

The MBRP Armor Pro series exhausts are MBRP’s best exhaust systems. They are made from T304 stainless steel, which is even more durable. Thanks to their ultra-low levels of ferrous content, these systems will maintain a flawless look throughout their lifetimes. They also come with a lifetime warranty.  


Armor BLK Exhausts

The MBRP Armor BLK exhausts are MBRP’s entry-level aluminized steel kits with a high-heat black ceramic coating for improved aesthetics and enhanced corrosion resistance. They come with a 1-year warranty. 

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