Borla Exhaust

Over the last four decades, Borla Performance Industries has dedicated its resources to the development of innovative performance exhaust systems that deliver exhilarating performance with awesome sounds.

The company is recognized the world over as a leader in the manufacture of stainless steel performance exhausts, and it has also pioneered several exhaust system designs, innovations, and technologies, many of which are patented. 

Borla Performance Industries was founded by Alex and Alyse Borla in 1978. Having worked in car dealerships for several years, Alex had seen the potential of the exhaust systems niche. Initially, the company focused on durability, not performance. It was selling replacement exhaust parts for Rolls-Royces and other European cars until the late1970s, when it endeavored to start making exhaust systems that would last longer than the rust-prone exhaust systems of the day. Well, Alex’s choice to start making stainless steel exhaust systems surely paid off. 


Since then, Borla Performance Industries has grown in leaps and bounds. It is now a global leader in the design and manufacture of performance exhaust systems. Based in Johnson City, Tennessee, the company boasts a massive 330,000-square-foot facility that includes a research, development, and testing department. Borla Performance Industries currently offers a wide range of exhaust products that includes cat-back exhaust systemsaxle-back exhaust systemsuniversal mufflers and resonators, universal x-pipes and their accessories, exhaust tips, throttle bodies and throttle body kits, fuel injection components, air horns, and much more. 


Next-level Exhaust Note Delivery

Borla exhaust systems are tuned to achieve unrivaled levels of sound character and volume. Each system is vehicle specific, designed from scratch to meet the bespoke exhaust system demands of the vehicle it is meant for. Also, there are three Borla exhaust sound technologies to choose from: ATAK®, S-Type or Touring.    


Touring Series 

Borla’s Touring series exhaust systems are ideal for daily driver vehicles. They improve horsepower and torque while delivering a mild to moderate exhaust note that is better than that of the stock exhaust system. These exhaust systems are made from aerospace grade T-304 stainless steel, and they feature mandrel bent construction for excellent exhaust flow. 


S-Type Series 

Borla’s S-type series exhaust systems have a multi-core technology that enhances power generation and that also delivers a moderate to aggressive exhaust note. They are ideal for street performance cars and also race cars. They are also made from reinforced T-304 stainless steel, and they also feature mandrel bent construction for peak exhaust flow.


ATAK® Series

ATAK® stands for “Acoustically Tuned Applied Kinetics”. Borla’s ATAK® series exhaust systems deliver the loudest and most aggressive sounds, and they also deliver the greatest horsepower and torque gains. They feature BORLA®’s multicore® technology which helps to focus airflow and sound waves to achieve optimum high-volume sound output. They are ideal for race cars and high-performance cars. 


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