Bilstein aftermarket performance suspension

Bilstein is a world leader in the manufacture of OEM and aftermarket performance suspension / damping systems and technologies.

The company’s story started in 1873 when it was founded by August Bilstein. In 1927, the company ventured into the automotive accessories industry under the guidance of August’s son, Hans Bilstein. Bilstein’s focus on developing innovative automotive accessories paid off in 1954, when the company revolutionized damping technology with its first monotube gas pressure shock absorber. Since then, Bilstein has dedicated its resources to the development and manufacture of suspension systems and damping technologies. Bilstein’s focus on build-quality, capability and reliability in its products has earned the trust of many automakers around the world, which is why many new performance and off-road-focused vehicles today come equipped with Bilstein products.   



Gas-pressure Technology

Bilstein shock absorbers use gas-pressure technology. Compared to conventional oil shock absorbers, gas-pressure shock absorbers ensure more reliable suspension and shock absorption under any load, and they also deliver confidence-inspiring handling and stability on uneven road surfaces. These gas-pressure shocks do not exhibit the shock fading that plagues most oil shock absorbers.


Bilstein Monotube / Upside-Down Technology

From the time the Bilstein monotube gas-pressure shock absorbers were introduced in the 1950s, they have remained an industry standard for suspension and damping. Compared to conventional factory-installed shock absorbers, Bilstein monotube shock absorbers offer pistons with larger surface areas; as a result, they deliver greater damping power for improved handling, performance, and ride quality. These tubes also have wear-resistant chromium tubes and they also incorporate low friction bearings, so they are tend to last long. Blistein also offers upside-down monotube shocks with pistons that are installed at the bottom of the tube bodies.



OE Replacement:                    

Bilstein is renowned for the many top-quality OEM replacement parts and accessories that it makes for many automakers around the world. They come in different grades, e.g. B1, B2, B3, and B4. These parts also come with their shock mounts, dust covers, support bearings, and bump stops.

Street Performance:                

Bilstein also produces aftermarket shocks that are tailor-made for street performance. They also come in different grades that address the varying performance needs of enthusiasts and pro-racers.

Off-road Performance:           

Bilstein is also one of the most respected suspension-focused brands in the off-road performance field. Bilstein off-road shocks deliver more control and better damping for enhanced handling and performance on off-road terrain. Similarly, these off-road shocks come in a wide range of options.


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