Performance plastics designer and manufacturer Auto Tech Interiors (or ATI™) was founded in 2003 by Calvin Eng, a tech professional and passionate car enthusiast. The idea of setting up the company came when he successfully molded his own gauge pods for his '93 Mazda RX-7 and discovered that there was a market for such products.

With financial assistance from his family members, he started injection molding his own product line. As its gauge pod clientele grew, ATI started offering gauge clusters as well from a Japanese company called STRI Racing. Since then, ATI has added other products to its product range. In addition to manufacturing aftermarket performance parts, ATI also supplies OEM parts and accessories to a number of the world’s major car brands. 


ATI prides itself in the quality of its products. The company invests a lot of time and resources into product research and development. All new products are extensively tested before they are offered to the public. 


Gauge Pods ​

ATI has close to two decades’ worth of experience in performance gauge pod design and development. Its gauge podsare offered in three types: the ePod series, the ez-Pod series, and the vPod series.    


ePod series     

The ePod gauge pods are designed to be mounted onto your vehicle’s steering column. They are vehicle specific, so they always fit perfectly; you won’t have to make any modifications to your dash. The ePod gauge pods are capable of housing both 52mm and 60mm gauges. They also offer full rotational positioning for custom viewing angles.      


ez-Pod series

As their name suggests, the ez-Pod gauge pods provide easier and more stylish gauge-mounting solutions. They are less bulky so they do not require as much installation time. 


vPod Series 

The vPod series pods are designed to be integrated into your car’s air vents. They help to keep your car’s interior unaltered. Thanks to their innovative and effective design, these pods perform their functions without hindering air flow out of the vent. 


Audio Pod Series ​

In addition to making gauge pods, ATI has also perfected the art of making pods for audio system speakers. These pods significantly improve sound delivery. They are available in side channel and center channel options. 


Exterior Accessories ​

After years of success in the manufacture of relevant and sort-after interior performance accessories, ATI extended its lineup of products to include exterior accessories like direct fit replacement custom grilles, custom window vents, and many more. Like the gauge pods, these accessories are carefully designed using high-quality materials to ensure perfect fitment and high durability. 



ATI’s LexiClear line of engine covers will help you to show off your engine without compromising it. The LexiClear engine covers are made from super-clear GE Lexan resin, which is one of the highest quality resins on the market. It is heat resistant and can withstand high stress environments. Rest assured that it won’t turn "yellow" or warp. 



ATI also offers top-quality performance gauges from STRI Racing. They are available in two types: the DSD warning gauges and the X-Line V2 gauges. 


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