Founded in 1997, AIRAID advanced the automotive aftermarket industry with the introduction of its AIRAID Intakes brand of air intake systems. Initially developed for light trucks and sport utility vehicles, the first AIRAID kits combined an open-element cotton gauze filter with an intake tube to produce an innovative, easy-to-install intake kit which dramatically increased air flow, horsepower and torque while improving overall engine performance.

AIRAID is a global leader in performance air intake systems, and one of the best brands used by racers worldwide. Since 1997, the company has been an undisputed leader in cold air induction systems.

As a top-quality brand, Airraid delivers two things: a high airflow, and cold air saturated with oxygen. This way, it helps the engine burn fuel more efficiently and give you more performance for longer. 

More Power, More Speed

The human body burns oxygen for energy, and that is why more of the stuff makes you more energised. The same case applies to your engine. Cold air has more oxygen molecules, which means the fuel burns more powerfully and gives you more power.

Unlike your stock air filter, AIRAID cold air intake separates the filter from the engine block. Here, it draws air from suction at a much lower temperature and thus with more oxygen. Your engine is able to squeeze more power from the fuel. 

Not only do you get more horsepower with AIRAID air intake systems, but you also get better fuel economy. Your car runs cleaner and quieter and lasts much longer.

Longer Engine Life With AIRAID Filters

Having more air flowing into your engine is good, but it can be destructive if that air is full of particles such as dust. Dust particles are tiny pieces of hard rock, and once they get into the engine block, they can cause havoc by wearing and tearing your internal components.

Airraid doesn’t just give you improved airflow and more oxygen. It manufactures world-class air filtration systems to come with the AIRAID filters for top air filtration. In hot, dusty conditions as you may often experience here in Australia, AIRAID filters can help keep out dangerous dust.

Some car owners sometimes report finding fine dust in their intake pipes after driving in extremely dusty conditions.  A good air filter will remove 99% of particulate contaminants to prevent engine damage. Airraid Australia is the go-to option for performance air filters.

Improved Airflow and  Better Performance for Any Vehicle

Whether you drive a truck or a Ferrari, one common factor is that more air in your engine will instantly give you better burning and more power. That is why you will never see stock air filters on racing cars. 

Your car can also perform much better with AIRAID performance air filters. Stock filters are restricted and have poor airflow. Your engine fuel/air mixture will be too rich (too much fuel), which can cause a whole host of problems.  An aftermarket air filter like AIRAID solves all these problems and more.

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Do yourself a favour and soup up your car with AIRAID air intake systems. Buy AIRAID cold air intake systems and AIRAID air filters here at CarMods Australia. Please check our Shipping and Returns policy for information about your purchase. 

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