If your vehicle’s springs are not delivering the driving characteristics that you desire, you can get better springs here at Car Mods Australia (CMA). Springs are great for when you want to improve the driving dynamics of your car without spending a fortune.

CMA has helped many enthusiasts and pro-racers in Australia to upgrade the suspension systems of their cars. We are licensed to sell top-rated performance springs and other suspension components produced by established and highly reputed aftermarket auto part/accessory manufacturers in Australia and around the world. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with the aftermarket springs that we have on offer here at CMA. 


Springs play a pivoted role in a vehicle’s suspension system, helping to dictate its agility, ride height, ride quality, and stability. Most automakers focus on reliability and durability when manufacturing most vehicle components, so they tend to play it safe when making springs. For this reason, stock/factory-fitted springs deliver driving dynamics that are just adequate. Aftermarket performance springs like the ones we have here at Car Mods Australia have higher spring rates that those of factory-installed springs, so they are stiffer. With stiffer springs, you get reduced weight transfer when braking or accelerating hard; they make a car feel more nimble and responsive. These aftermarket springs also deliver more road feel and stiffer, firmer rides.

In addition, many of our aftermarket performance springs are shorter than stock springs, and so with them you also get a lower ride height, resulting in a lower center of gravity. A lower center of gravity improves stability and reduces body roll when cornering.

Also worth noting is that stock springs are designed to work with the stock performance capabilities of your vehicle.  If you have upgraded the performance of your car, it is wise to match it with high-grade performance springs like the ones we have.  



We at Car Mods Australia take pride in the fact that we offer one of the largest selections of aftermarket springs in Australia. Our performance springs are from highly reputed automotive product manufacturers in Australia and around the world. Designed for both street cars and race cars, these springs come in varying grades and spring rates, for cars like the Subaru WRX/STI, Mitsubishi Lancer and EVO I–X, Subaru BRZ/ Toyota 86, Jeep SRT, Ford Fiesta ST, and many more. We have thousands of these performance springs at our warehouse and we keep replenishing our stocks, so you’ll always have plenty of choice when shopping for springs at Car Mods Australia.   



We at Car Mods Australia focus on offering affordable yet high-quality aftermarket automotive products for car enthusiasts, mechanics, and professional racers. We have over 250,000 products on offer. We have also partnered only with established and highly reputed automotive product manufacturers, so you are assured of great value with any of our products. We also have a friendly and dedicated customer service team on hand, ready to offer guidance when you are not sure which mods to purchase.

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