Nev Scott

Hi CMA Team,

What can I say besides the most professional business in the industry! Their knowledge, price and stocking led me to them, but it was their service that turned me into a customer for life.

We partnered up in 2012 and your sponsorship, advice and help (at all times of the night) have helped get our car into a fantastic position leading up to WTAC 2014. We have had some big highs and a lot of great Race results including:

2012 WTAC Club Sprint - 1st Place

Gatton Springs - 2011/2012/2013 and 2014 - Outright 1st Four Years in a row

2014 Jap Nats - 2nd Place

Thanks again for all your help and I am looking forward to what the future holds for our partnership.



Nev Scott

Shane N

Car Mods Australia, what can I say. Dan is a great source of knowledge on all aspects of performance based cars and parts.

Throughout my extensive build Dan had nothing but time and patience to assist me with all the hidden issues and hurdles I would face which led to a lot of time and money saved. Dan was contactable anytime of the day and night, as I live on the other side of Australia to him, to provide me with solution to issues and went out of his way to research and recommend high quantity parts for a very reasonable price.

In all my years of dealing with workshops and parts suppliers I have never met a more friendly and professional team, I would highly recommend Car Mods Australia to anyone in the business from the weekend enthusiast to the full on pro`s. Thank you again Dan for everything and all the time sacrificed from family, it is much appreciated.

Shane N

Hi Car Mods Team,

Lots of people are quick to complain but not many people these days take to the time to say thank you.

Having being involved in the WRX scene in the early days since I purchased a brand new MY99 from the Subaru dealership in Sydney I got bitten by the modifying bug as most people did and I couldn’t wait to start modifying it and unleash its full potential, I’m now on my third car now having bought up one of the last 2014 STI.

I have purchased from all the big names in the industry especially around Sydney and some in Victoria, I very soon realised that there was a premium price tag attached to buying performance parts and time frames always blew out from what I was told at the time of my order which would be out by weeks.

This all changed when I first came across your business (Car Mods Australia), as you would be aware I have been ordering from you (Dan at Car Mods Australia) since not long after you first opened and your professionalism is second to none, let alone what most people care mainly about which is pricing and availability. Over the last 2 years or so new staff members (Rob & Tim) have joined you and they are both a true testament to your business and an absolute pleasure to deal with in their knowledge of our cars and professionalism 

The main benefits you have bought to me and I’m sure countless others is your fantastic  pricing, delivery time frames and customer service which hands down is the best by far, I only wish you had a shop here in Sydney like you do up on the Gold Coast.

It’s been a real pleasure to deal with you all at Car Mods Australia and I can’t wait to buy up more parts and start modifying my new car once I arrive back from work commitments overseas.

Keep up the brilliant work and thankyou.

Jason S


This is just a happy customer feed back. 

I really liked your service over the phone 5/5. Really happy with it no problems or fuss.

Shipping came in really fast for a big box of exhaust from QUEENSLAND TO VIC. Really appreciate this. 5/5

I've installed this exhaust within 2 hours DIY and its the first time ever... RISKY HAHA

The exhaust was packed good with all the foam pillows to protect it, i appreciate this 

Exhaust sounds amazing like quality... thanks alot guys. (eg: Target $80 headphones vs Bose $350 headphones)

You've got yourself a new member customer from now on I know where to shop for parts.

Good luck in near future :)

Jimmy L

Jimmy L


Almost all of my parts for my build were supplied by CMA. Just a personal thank you for going the extra mile and providing a level of service & support that I thought was way above average.

If you're ever in Melbourne, give me a call!

Andrew W

Car Mods Team, 

What can I say, ordered Thursday afternoon and the Perrin Crank Pulley arrived in Perth Friday morning!

This is why there is only one Performance shop where I spend my hard earned.

Keep up the good work!

James P

Hi Dan/CMA, 

Thank you for you honest help. I was totally out of my depth but knew I wanted some sound and power from my Rex. 

You were able to help me to purchase but also understand what I was doing to my car.

Would recommend you to everyone looking for parts. Thanks again.

Carly F